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Member benefits

SportCheer England members can access a range of exclusive discounts and deals.

Please see the listings below for those who’ve already joined us, with more deals currently being finalised and added over the coming weeks and months!

In most cases your discount will be activated by quoting your membership number or evidencing your SCE coaches’ digital wallet, but some companies have provided unique discount codes. Once your membership is verified, your discount codes will be included in the welcome letter. For companies added to our Affiliate list after you’ve joined SportCheer England, you can request a code directly from us at





To become an Affiliate Member, brands and companies needed to meet our eligibility criteria.

  • They needed to be brands and companies who offer goods and services that serve the cheerleading community.

  • Companies offering a certificated or credentialed course that would fall under coach CPD (such as First Aid, Sports Fitness etc) needed to provide additional details of their external awarding body and insurance to qualify.

  • Service that works directly with young people, such as a cheerleading camp, choreography or photography company needed to provide details of their safeguarding policy, data protection policy and insurance to qualify.

  • Services that offer music mixing or tracks, needed to sign a waiver to confirm that they provide officially licensed music and products.

  • Services regulated by statutory bodies, such as insurance companies are vetted


If you are a company or service interested in becoming a an Affiliate Member, please email to receive further information.

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