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50% off all paid for Coacha Plans for the 1st 12 months for any new subscribers to Coacha. This equates to an annual saving of £216 for Coacha Premium, and £360 annual saving on the Coacha Custom plan.

There will be the standard 14 day no obligation free trial offered and we’d ensure we roll out the red carpet for everyone, and all of our set up and support is included entirely £FOC.


Save a huge amount of time and money (and stress!), and easily organise your members, staff and events. Store data securely, benefit from a full Booking System and Store Front, and ensure you get paid on time.

FREE Member & Staff Apps, a Member Portal, Website Integration, Attendance Registers, Invoicing System and Advanced NSPCC Best Practice in Safeguarding Comms based tools all come with Coacha too.

It's also GDPR compliant and constantly updated with new feature sets at no extra cost to you. And you can add your own logo and branding across all of Coacha so it effectively looks like you have your own software and Apps!

Plus Coacha is proud to boast industry leading (and ultra friendly) Support and Customer Services teams.

Also, did you know that Coacha has been designed with the Cheerleading world primarily in mind?

Coacha was born out of one of our founder’s own cheer programme’s admin needs, well, his wife’s actually! When looking for solutions, it wasn’t long before they were faced with the frustrations that users still arrive to us with today; complicated systems, extortionate pricing structures, hidden fees and software that did some, but nowhere near all, of what they needed it to do.

Sound familiar?

If so, why not take Coacha for a test drive with our free trial? There’s no card needed and no obligation to subscribe afterwards.

If you do join the Coacha family you’ll be keeping amazing company, as many of the UKs biggest Cheerleading programmes use Coacha day in, day out (and the smallest programmes too!). Plus lots of other sports clubs besides.

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what people are saying about Coacha on the web.

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