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Membership - Benefits

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Join SportCheer England in our inaugural year of membership and be part of cheerleading history!

Cheerleading is currently unrecognised and unregulated in England, and yet we have one of the fastest growing athlete populations of any sport in the country! We urgently need to come together as a community, under a recognised National Governing Body (NGB) to ensure we can support and future proof the thousands of clubs, coaches and athletes in our great nation as we continue to grow and professionalise. 

As part of SportCheer England’s application process for recognition through Sport England, we must demonstrate that our membership is reflective of the majority of clubs, athletes and coaches in the country. The more clubs and organisations that sign up to membership, the more we can demonstrate this element of our application and pave a way to historical sport recognition!

You can find out more about our application process to

Sport England here 

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Why choose membership with SportCheer England?
Membership will provide you with a range of benefits to support your club, as well as a way to tangibly support the safe and successful growth of cheerleading in our country. 

Your membership will act as a quality badge, providing assurance to your stakeholders that you meet SportCheer England’s required club standards for aspects such as Safeguarding, Coaching Qualifications, Insurance and First Aid. 

Your membership will support SportCheer England to establish best practice standards nationally, across all areas of cheerleading, including working alongside Competition Event Providers, Coach Education Provider and other cheer related organisations to drive forward the best practice standards. 

With the support of Membership across the cheerleading community, SportCheer England will be able to partner with other NGBs, organisations and charities across England that will strengthen the sport’s broader development. This includes widening participation programmes for schools, working towards university sport recognition and development opportunities for Adaptive Abilities and Special Athletes. 

Why SportCheer England becoming a recognised National Governing Body is important for your club:

Lack of NGB recognition has previously hindered cheerleading; from being left out of the initial comms around the Return To Play Guidance in 2021, which significantly slowed down clubs being able to re-open, to hindering the ability to work with some Children’s Services and LADOs on safeguarding. By SportCheer England receiving NGB status and therefore cheerleading achieving sport recognition, Clubs will instantly feel the benefits, from guidance and communication and the ability to access funding opportunities, that are ringfenced for recognised sports only


Cheerleading is now an IOC Member sport, meaning it could be included in a future Olympic Games. Having an established and recognised NGB will be crucial to negotiate our representation as part of Team GB and the many benefits this could bring the wider community.


Who can join SportCheer England?

Everyone involved in cheerleading! From All-Star programmes, community clubs and side-line teams, to schools and universities – everyone is encouraged to join SportCheer England. Coaches and Clubs can visit our membership portal now for detailed instructions.. Over the next 3 years, as our operational capacity grows, we will then look to move to individual athlete membership and benefits.


If you are a Competition Event Provider, Coach Education Provider or other cheer related organisation providing relevant services (such as First Aid or camps for example), you will be able to join SportCheer England in a non-voting capacity, and we would encourage you to do so. Your membership application will involve a sanctioning process that demonstrates to your customers you meet our required standards and support the safe and successful growth of cheerleading, as well as allow you the opportunity to contribute your voice and expertise through sub-committees and attendance at the AGM.

Membership Benefits

Click on the link below to view the membership benefit list by type. You can also see the affiliate benefits here.

What is required for membership for coaches and clubs?

Details including instructional videos are now available on our membership portal

What is required for membership if I am an Event Providers or Education Provider?

We are still in the process of developing the sanctioning criteria for Event and Education providers. If you are an EP or Education Provider interested in becoming a member, please contact us directly at


Pricing structure

Click on the above links to see price structure per membership type.


SportCheer England offers an Affiliate package for companies and brands wanting to engage with our members and partner with us on deals and sponsorship. Please contact for more information.

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