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How to become a SCE Member Club


Welcome to the SportCheer England Membership Portal in partnership with Sport:80. 

Membership for the 2023 / 24 season will be open until 31st December 2023. Clubs that are paid up by the 12th December 2023 will be eligible to attend the online SportCheer England AGM on the 19th December 2023 and will be entitled to 1 vote per club. 

Current membership is only available for coaches and clubs. Individual athletes do NOT need to register. 

To help you navigate the membership platform, we've produced some handy "How To" videos and instructions. Please read through all of the information and watch the videos first before starting the process. Once on the platform, you will also have access to our Zendesk, which is packed with helpful articles and FAQ’s. 

To help speed up registration, clubs will be able to add membership BEFORE all their club roles (First Aider, DSL, and Club Coach) have been assigned and validated. By doing this, your club will become a SportCheer England member with a pending status, but you will be eligible to attend and vote in our AGM if you are paid up by the 12th December 2023.
Your club membership status will subsequently be reviewed and approved once your club's insurance is verified and all your club's mandatory role holders are assigned and validated.

Your coaches can add themselves to the membership platform for free. Payment is only required once the club is set up and coaches have been assigned / attached to your club and certification verified. 


STEP 1: Coaches must individually register

Please watch & read the information below.

How to add a Coaching Qualification
How to add a membership
How to add a First Aid Certificate

What will coaches need to upload?

Mandatory Documentation 

✅ DBS Certificate

Only upload your DBS to the portal for verification if it is completely clear of offences. If your DBS has something on it that requires a review, please email and request information on how to submit a DBS for review to the SCE DBS checks committee.
For individuals registered with the Update Service, you can now consent to SportCheer England performing a status check.
Individuals should hold an Enhanced DBS certificate. A Basic DBS certificate is permitted for users working solely with university teams.
As soon as your certificate has been verified by SportCheer England the upload will be purged.

✅ Coaching qualifications

We currently accept all insurable cheerleading and dance coaching qualifications.

✅ Safeguarding training certification

Your safeguarding training certificate must be CPD certified, CIMSPA approved, or accredited by the British Council (or equivalent) and be within 2 years of issue date (Keeping children safe in education - GOV.UK )

Additional (not mandatory) Documentation 

📄 First Aid certificate 

First Aid certification is not currently a mandatory field for coaches, however, each club will need at least one individual with a valid First Aid certificate (and DBS) assigned to the role of First Aider in order to be approved.
Your First Aid training should be within 3 years of issue date and should have an in-person element. Online-only courses are not accepted (HSE: Information about health and safety at work). 

If you have a First Aid qualification to upload, it will need to be from a recognised voluntary aid society such as British Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance, who are identified as standard setters for first aid training under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, or an Ofqual-registered provider, such as Power Medics, and/or a provider registered with or approved by an organisation such as FAIB or Ofsted. If you are a medical professional and would like assistance establishing which of your qualifications to upload, please contact Support.

📄 Designated Safeguarding Lead certification 

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) certification is not currently a mandatory field for coaches, however the club will need to assign at least one individual as the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the club in order to be approved. SportCheer England recognise that specific DSL training can be cost-prohibitive for clubs, so in this first year of membership we will accept assignment of the DSL role to an individual with a valid Safeguarding certification (and DBS), if no one in the club is currently DSL certified.

Top Tips:

  • From your individual profile, as well as uploading your documents, please add individual membership by clicking the button next to ‘Individual Membership’.

  • For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Support’ button (please avoid creating duplicate profiles)

  • When adding individual membership, you will be required to select a club as your primary club. If your club has not yet started the process of adding club membership, it will not appear in the drop-down list, in which case it is recommended to select “unaffiliated” in order to proceed. Once your club(s) have been set up you can edit your membership and add as many clubs that you are affiliated to.

  • You must always have a primary club affiliated.

  • You will need a clear photo of yourself for your profile.

  • Make sure you have clear copies of your certification in order to speed up the verification process.

  • Once you have added individual membership, you will receive a confirmation email containing your membership number and digital membership card. The membership number will be used by your club to identify you in key roles such as First Aider/Designated Safeguarding Lead.

STEP 2: Setup your Club

Please watch & read the information below.