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UK Sport and British Olympic Association recognition process

In July 2021 the ICU became a full International Olympic Committee member, and Cheerleading became an Olympic member sport, eligible for inclusion in future games.

In the UK, Olympic sports are additionally required to be recognised by UK Sport and the British Olympic Association. SportCheer England has already began to develop relationships with these organisations. The strategic aim of SportCheer England is to begin these applications as soon as Sport England recognition is achieved.

UK Sport

UK Sport is the nation’s high-performance sports agency, funded by the Government and The National Lottery. Their mission is to work in partnership to lead Olympic and Paralympic sport in the UK to world class success. UK Sport’s investment and strategic direction helped British sports and athletes deliver 65 Olympic and 120 Paralympic medals at London 2012 and four Olympic and six Paralympic medals at Sochi 2014.

You can find out more about UK Sport here:

The British Olympic Association

The British Olympic Association (BOA) is the National Olympic Committee for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The BOA's role is to prepare the 'Best of British' athletes for, and lead them at, the summer, winter and youth Olympic Games. The BOA is responsible for championing the Olympic values and brand in the UK. The BOA receives no annual funding from the lottery or government, has no political interests and is dependent upon fundraising income to achieve its mission. The BOA is the strong, independent voice for British Olympic Sport.

The BOA has provided scientific equipment to support the world-class research, teaching, training and clinical expertise in sport and exercise medicine that the ISEH delivers. The BOA is also taking part in the ISEH's executive management through participation on its board.

You can find out more about the British Olympic Association here:


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