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SportCheer England’s official statement referring to the broadcast during the Junior World & World Cheerleading Championships on Wednesday 24 April


On the 24th April 2024 at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships, it was brought to the attention of SportCheer England, that during Team England Adaptive Abilities Unified CoEd Advanced's routine, an Olympic Channel commentator was heard on the live broadcast to have made offensive and disparaging comments. This incident was addressed immediately, within moments of occurring, by SportCheer England Directors present at the competition, in a face-to-face meeting with the ICU President, and direct action was taken with the Olympic Channel as a result.


We are devastated for our national team athletes and coaches, that the opportunity to share their performance with friends and family back home was marred by this incident and we are currently working with the ICU to ensure they receive the appropriate apologies they deserve.


The Olympic Channel has now issued a public apology regarding the incident, which the ICU have published on their website and you can find on the home page


Team England Adaptive Abilities Unified CoEd Advanced went on after this performance to not only secure a place in the finals but to win the division, taking home Gold for their country. We are extremely proud of how our athletes managed their performance in spite of the circumstances and thrilled they were able to come back with a first place performance.


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