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Sport England Recognition

SCE is in the process of submitting a pre-application to Sport England for Tier 1 governance recognition and sport recognition.

The process of application eligibility is a minimum 2 year process, requiring the submission of 2 x sets of annual accounts and AGM minutes, along with having various policies, procedures in line with The Code for Sports Governance and a membership in place.

You can read the full set of Sport England requirements for Tier 1 here:

NGB structure flowchart
Download PDF • 108KB

The Code for Sports Governance

All organisations seeking public funding for sport and physical activity in England must meet gold standards of governance, considered to be among the most advanced in the world. Compliance with the Code for Sports Governance is mandatory for all Sport England recognises NGBs. Details of the Code can be found here:

SportCheer England is working to ensure that all its governance documents, policies and organisational structure comply with the Code for Sports Governance.


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