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Launch of book partnership with Working with Parents in Sport

SportCheer England are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Working with Parents in Sport

The aim is to support parents, coaches and children across the Cheer community to build positive relationships, ensuring athletes gain the most from the experience both on and off the mat.

Available for purchase immediately as part of this launch for clubs and parents is the ‘Our Sporting Journey’ series for Under 5, Under 7 and Under 9 children which incorporate two years of Cheer within each book.

Here are some examples:

The ‘Our Sporting Journey’ is a series of interactive books for children, putting them at the heart of the sporting experience, allowing them to have plenty of fun, grow as people both on and off the mat and immerse themselves in their sporting experience as they progress through their sporting journey.

The books all have plenty of activities for children, encourage positive interaction between children and their parents, require plenty of parental involvement whether that be in having positive conversations, playing in the garden or helping to stick in the pictures that will allow everyone to build up a memory book that will last a lifetime.

Over the next 18 months, the plan is to incorporate further projects working in partnership to support those involved in the sport

Gordon MacLelland, CEO of Working with Parents in Sport, said:

“I am extremely excited to be working alongside SportCheer England to help support them in creating the best possible environments for young people. Everyone has a role to play in this and starting to support parents and children at the youngest ages will hopefully help in allowing all involved to gain the most from their Cheer experience.”

SportCheer England’s Chair of the Board, Joey Gamper Cuthbert added:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Working With Parents in Sport. The organisation’s work in supporting parents and coaches to develop positive, healthy attitudes towards physical activity and competition is invaluable in promoting the wellbeing and development of young athletes. We are delighted to be amongst the many NGBs who value and utilise the expertise of WWPIS through the My Sporting Journey series”


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