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Equal Opportunities Policy

We declare that it is our intention to ensure that the recruitment, selection, training and treatment for those who are paid, volunteers or members within our organization, have access to the benefits, facilities and services we provide, and that access to both our board and membership is available to all without unfair discrimination, and to ensure that no one is disadvantaged in any of these matters by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

We will work to ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins, disability, age, gender, married or single status, employment status, unrelated criminal conviction, class, political belief, or religious affiliation, where any of these cannot be shown to be a requirement of the job or position concerned.

People will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, disability and age. THEREFORE, the following behaviour is not acceptable:

• Attacks on individuals or groups on any grounds, colour, sex, disability, etc.

• Discriminatory name calling, insulting remarks, jokes or threats.

• Encouraging other people to harass or discriminate against another individual or group.

• The publishing of discriminating or offensive materials/literature which may cause offence.


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