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Joanna Gamper Cuthbert

Chair of the Board

Start date: Reappointed June 2022 (second term)

Term: 3 years

Joanna has 15 years’ experience as an athlete, coach and All Star gym owner, as well as having played a key role in the founding and establishment of Team England ParaCheer. Outside Cheerleading, Joanna has 18 years’ experience as a consultant, project manager, producer, athlete welfare lead and board member in the dance, sports and Disability sectors at local, national and international level.

She has experience sitting on, chairing and reporting to charitable boards, and extensive experience presenting and public speaking. She holds a qualification in sports governance - boardroom leadership and is a member of the Professional Body for Sports Leadership, the Dance School Safeguarding Working Group UK, Pro Sports Assembly, USA, Women In Sport, UK and The Women’s Sport Collective, UK.

She is passionate about working with organisations to create and imbed positive, intentional cultures that prioritise the welfare of participants and staff, and where everyone feels confident in delivering safe, inclusive activities.

Joanna Gamper Cuthbert
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